Thursday, October 2, 2014

Compiling Open Splice Community Edition on CentOS 6.5

OpenSplice DDS is a high-performance messaging technology, and DDS stands for Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS). To be honest i dont know much actually i know very little at all. It seems to be a middleware (a data bus) that is supposed to make your applications to communicate. I had been involved in an m2m project for automatic meter reading (AMR) in the past. The protocol we used was MQTT based. MQTT was easy to understand easy to use and a pleasure to work with however my experience with dds so far not so pleasant it is not easy to understand not easy to use and not pleasant to work with (my personal opinions these are free to not to agree you are). DDS promises a de-centralized structure compared to one server multiple client approach. Anyway the compile steps for open splice is described step by step at the opensplice web site but there is a catch which is not documented you need to have MPC (Make Project Creator)  installed and you need MPC_ROOT environment variable set properly (pointing to directory where you installed MPC). Und you should not be using the MPC from its official web site you need to download modified MPC from PrismTech source repo at git hub. which is A fork of OCI's MakeProjectCreator with some tweaks required to support working with OpenSplice and this piece of information is not documented anywhere (at least not anywhere i can find they should have listed these requirement on their web site again this is my opinion free you are to not to agree) not using the proper MPC causes opensplice compile to fail und lots of headaches. hope someone finds this info valuable and saves some time trying to compile the code. 

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